Network and Infrastructure Security

Acadia InfoSec Solutions Ltd (AIS), provides consultancy services and a wide range of security product solutions – expertly – selected to provide comprehensive network and ICT infrastructure security to businesses of all sizes. With the changing dynamic of the threat landscape, protecting your network and ICT infrastructure has become cardinal.

Our team of experts is here to assist you in bridging the network gap, conducting thorough security reviews, and deploying robust cybersecurity solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our response takes a multi-tiered approach based on the circle-of-trust/line-of-defense methodology.

The objective is to secure the core – ASSETS  whether they are on-premise, cloud-hosted, or hybrid.

Subset of the infrastructure services.







Data security

For all organizations, Data in all aspects is the holy grail – Gold if you may. Most cyber-attacks target that data and then monetize it by ransom demands, and reputational blackmail. Some instances involve the theft of intellectual data that hold the company’s market edge and more.

Our team will work with you to expose the gaps, and design and implement data security solutions to ensure that one, there is visibility where all data resides, and two secure it. Our solutions in this domain include Database Activity Monitoring – DAM, Database Firewall – DBF, Data Loss Classification, and Prevention – DLP, Privilege Access Management – PAM, Vulnerability Assessment and Patching, and more.

Application security

Most organizations utilize applications to interact with digitized data. These applications are self-hosted on-premise, in the cloud – sometimes multi-cloud, and in some instances a hybrid approach. These architectures are chosen to ensure seamless digital transformation. It is paramount that such digital companies deploy automated protection to these assets.

AIS team of experts will work with you to ensure that security solutions designed and deployed at the application line of defense make such attacks as Website hacking, Illegal content injection to your website, Account takeovers, unknown zero-day threats, and more a thing of the past!

Security considerations include Web Application Firewall – WAF, Vulnerability Assessment, Application deployment optimization and Virtual Patching, Denial of Service protection, Bad Bot Protection, and many more.

Endpoint and Server Security

Endpoints and Servers are in every organization running multiple flavors of operating software. If a cyber-attack is to get into the company, either an endpoint or server will be a target. It is therefore mission-critical to ensure that these assets are protected. Telemetry from these assets also ensures that security teams have visibility of attack attempts, impending attacks, vulnerable endpoints and servers, and more.

In this domain, we offer a myriad of solutions such as Extended Detection and Response – XDR, Next Generation Antivirus – NGAV, Operational monitoring tools, Privilege Access Management – PAM, and more.

Network security

In this digitized era – interconnected world, network security forms the foundation of a robust cybersecurity strategy. As Acadia InfoSec Solutions, we understand the critical importance of securing your network infrastructure against potential threats.

The “Network” is the backbone of your business. We, therefore, take an extended approach. First, our team will work with you to establish the maturity of your network and then design a strategy to ensure that a clear network security growth plan is established.

Secondly, we will work with your team to design and deploy security systems ranging from Network Access Control – NAC, Security Information and Events Monitoring – SIEM, Datacenter Firewalls, Network Segmentation configuration, Multifactor Authentication Solutions – MFA, Privilege Access Management with VPNS, and more.


Perimeter security

We refer to as perimeter security the control and secure access to and from your organizations' network and all its assets therein. This is the first line of defense against unauthorized access and potential threats from external sources and as well as control of internet resources accessed by your network.

AIS team led by our experienced network engineers, will work with your team to – just like in network security – expose any gaps by thorough testing, and then design and implement masterpiece solutions to ensure a fully mature perimeter security defense layer.

Some of the cyber solutions implemented are Next-Generation Firewalls – NGFW, Proxy, Anti-DDOS, Security Orchestration Automation, and Response – SOAR, Intrusion, Detection, and Prevention systems – IPS – IDS and more.



At AIS we understand the criticality of network security, conducting thorough gap reviews, and deploying effective cybersecurity solutions. With our expertise and tailored approach, we aim to empower your organization to mitigate risks, protect your valuable assets, and maintain secure and resilient network infrastructure. Contact us today to strengthen your network security and safeguard your ICT infrastructure against evolving threats.

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