At AIS, we understand that managing and monitoring security on an ongoing basis can be challenging for organizations. Our Managed Security services alleviate this burden by providing continuous protection and proactive threat management. Our offerings include:

Security Products as a Service

Gain access to industry-leading security products and technologies without the need for upfront investment or complex deployments. Our experts manage, monitor, and maintain these security solutions, ensuring optimal protection for your organization.

Managed Detection and Response

Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors your environment for potential threats, detects suspicious activities, and responds promptly to security incidents. We leverage advanced threat intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to minimize the impact of attacks and mitigate risks.

Security Talent as a Service

Augment your existing security team with our skilled professionals who provide expertise and support to strengthen your security operations. Our experienced security analysts, engineers, and incident responders work collaboratively with your team to enhance your security posture.

Other Services